Monday, November 4, 2013

The State of good goods

Will I really post this blog?
  Advice to the retail world states to never let on that you are struggling.  Everyone is doing fine, good, fantastic. Yes, there are retail giants, the behemoths chains.  The Wal-Marts and Amazons and Applebee's that continue to grow.
 Reports tell me that small business still accounts for over 75% of sales in the United States.
  But buying habits are different, I'm told.  The economy and confidence and internet have all impacted how and where and if money is exchanged. 
 It isn't good.  It isn't bad. It's just change.
 Mom and Pop establishments hated Sears, I'm sure, when they came up with their first mail order catalog!  It was only change
 and if you were to survive,
 you had to change..
And that is where I am perplexed. 
 How does good goods change to survive? 
Do I finally learn about Instagram?
Do I go online? And how do I import a "feeling" to the internet? 
 Without thousands of  dollars in my advertising budget, how do I reach the public in my vicinity?
I don't have the answers.  I'm hoping some of you do!

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Tonya said...

I think Internet is a big answer to this. These days pretty much anyone 35 and under are almost guaranteed to check out your website before actually coming out to your location. It's just how things have gotten. And I would highly recommend starting up a Facebook page where you can build a following of local customers. I usually like to follow local and big retail stores IF they post things like new arrivals, sales, events, stuff like that. It keeps that business on my mind because I see their posts whenever I get on Facebook. Just an idea. Take care and good luck,