Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We've got a busy June planned!

Let's crowd as much as possible into a three week period, shall we? 
First off, while I have a captive audience, I'm going to get in a few random shots around the shop....then onto the excitement!


TA DA!!!!!
We are thrilled out of our minds that the Roses & Rust Vintage Market is coming to Boise.  And that good goods will be one of the 40 something vendors from all around the Northwest showing up with vintage and rusty and old and cottage and cool junk.  You know what I mean!
Some of you may be familiar with a show in Spokane called "Farm Chicks".  It started out tiny and has grown to be one of the most popular shows in the country.  Why?  Because great dealers are there but also, great buyers! (face it, would you want to lug a U-Haul from CA if no one came to buy?? Right!)   Your attendance encourages more vendors to want to come sell next time and it just feeds back and forth and grows into this

 This is what the backroom looks like as we stash great stuff especially for this Market.  I'll show you my garage at a later date!
Next on the Agenda!
"The Loop" Shop Hop
Friday, June 27 10-6
Saturday, June 28 10-6
Ten independent shops encourage you to shop local by making the "Loop" up State Street across Glenwood and onto Chinden to visit their unique, one of a kind places.  Special festivities are planned by each store owner and, trust me, they plan to entice and impress you!
Start anywhere on the Loop and pick up a map.  Bring on the fun!!


*good goods* @ 5865 Glenwood #C
Found Furnishings @ 4464 W. Chinden #E
Gatherings @ 9225 W. Chinden #E
Mr. J's @ 4741 Glenwood
Enchanting Objects @ 4906 W. State
Hobo Bob's @ 4570 W. State
Rustic Resale @ 4580 W. State
Bee Wise Goods @ 3019 W. State
In Retrospect @1940 W. State
L.A. Junk @ 1911 W. State
Hope to see lots of you this month!!!

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