Thursday, December 3, 2009

Days Til Christmas: 21

Yes, twenty one days until "The Day" but another way of looking at it is: we still have twenty one days to enjoy a wonderful, beautiful season. We still have time to relax and enjoy some old traditions and, maybe, make some new ones.

I quit making Christmas cookies years ago. Then good old Pillsbury came up with the "pre-made (and rolled) sheets of dough. Yippee!! I always liked decorating best anyway. That tradition is back on the list. I haven't sent out Christmas cards for several years for "lack of time". Unfortunately, this was the one time each year I reminded some relatives and old friends that I hadn't forgotten them. So, this one is going back in-sort of. I'm sending out New Years Greetings in 2010. It just made sense to me and besides....there are some cute cards out there for New Years. In fact, we will be expecting exactly that in the shop in a few weeks!

Oh, that reminds me...the shop! (how convenient!) We're still getting shipments of new merchandise and I even added a few new lines that came in last week. I snapped a shot here and there in case you were wanting to take a peek.

I love this Swedish inspired clock.

Restocked our paperweight kits.

A new line for us that has gotten a great reception.

One of our favorites: books! And a sample of a clock from a new vendor.

Sets of magnets from a local gal.

...more books!

Bling for....everyday!

IMPORTANT INFO: We will be open on Sundays from noon until 4:00 through December 20!We'd been getting frequent requests and "Gee, I wish you were open on...." so we've adjusted the schedule to accommodate!!

Also, to all who joined us on Black Friday and the weekend after Thanksgiving-Wow!! Thanks so darn much. We were delighted to be so busy and to get that much support from all of you. It means the world to us and doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.



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emily said...

love the key necklace! My little dog is still looking for a perfect gift for me so I might have to come check it out!