Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Days until Christmas: 3

Three days until Christmas morning. Now the pressure is on for those of us that seem to love that last minute battle to get it done!!!

So, I tried (yes, tried!) to get to the dreaded area around the mall a few days ago for one of the last gifts I needed. And I gave up. You read it right. Gave. Up. Where do all those cars come from???! And I was soooo sly. I went the back route and cut through parking lots only I knew about and...there were all those cars again!!! Forget it.

I headed downtown to an independent shop, parked about three car lengths away from the front door and was in and out in less than ten minutes, gift in hand.

The lesson in this: learn from my mistakes! Avoid the big boys and shop your little local shops.

If you're still shopping, we just might have what you need. We got in some great new jewelry, scarves and flat wallets this past week. Priced from $8-$52, you won't be breaking the bank, either.

Christmas is on sale if you still need a little touch of the season here and there. We're always happy to see you and glad to help if we can. Save your sanity for when your really need it!!
Ho, ho, ho--

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