Friday, December 11, 2009

Days Until Christmas: 14

Although Christmas is quickly creeping up, there is still plenty of time left before the "big day" to get done what really has to be done! And what has to be done is enjoy what is in front of us and to know how lucky and blessed we all are. I've got about half my shopping done, my tree is not yet up and my fall/Halloween decorations are sitting in a pile in our office. So what do I plan to do? Throw a spur of the moment party for a great friend this Sunday......why not? Her birthday is coming up & with Christmas, she always seems passed over. Not fair!!!

And what are your plans? If coming into good goods is one of them-here's a little of what you'll see!

Love this old, old silverplate shaving mirror...dripping w/ lockets. Oh, just ordered a lot of new jewelry that is no where else in Boise--will be in the beginning of next week!

Sparkle & shine.

One of my favorite sayings. SOLD

A wide angle shot w/ the crooked lamp shade almost smack dab in the middle....well, you get the idea!!

"Book" boxes.
Enjoy the season. Enjoy this frigid weather! Enjoy your families & your friends!!!


Jenn said...

Oooo, so many tempting things! I may have to come in soon!

Did you all do the drawing from the Holiday Shop? Just curious! :)

Also, I am LOVING the dresser I got a few weeks ago. It's beautiful and works perfectly n our living room!

good goods & co said...

Jenn- I'm so glad you're happy with your purchse!!

And yes, all three stores drew names and I should have posted that on my blog. So here goes-a bit belated!

good goods: Lori B. $100
Lindy C. $50

Once Upon a Time: Marta R $100
Terri N. $50

Shabby House: Camille C. $100
Debbie L $50

Congrats to you all!!