Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a Day!

What an incredible, busy day we had at our "Vintage Bootique"!
Setting these events up is tons of "work" and included an all nighter for me. I thought I'd be wiped out on Saturday but the energy in the shop was so positive and upbeat it carried me though despite being slightly dazed from lack of sleep. We had the most fun with everyone that came by to play with us--thank you all!
I continue to remind myself to get out the camera during the party but we get so busy, that I just don't get it done. So here are some "before" pictures of different areas~lots was sold but lots is still coming in. (all those shipments we were told would be here on Friday will probably show up on Monday!!)

Everyone wanted to play Halloween!

Take care,


laura said...

The shop looks great. Enjoyed the photos. I am glad your event was a success.

jan ~ tomatobaby said...

Hey Cheri!

Had a wonderful time at
your shop ... such wonderful
items / perfect gift selection.
Still haven't fixed up the
window I purchased ... but soon
very soon! I look forward to
popping back in soon.

You're pictures are great ...
and yes ... she did catch me
looking! Love it ~j.