Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fairy Gardens............

A guest was in the shop today on the hunt for some type of container suitable for a fairy garden.
If you haven't heard about these charmers, you're in for a treat.

                    Anything that will entice a fairy to stop in is added.

What is so fun is that everything is..


Little plants, arbors...

                                             or a sweet table and chair.

Some are simple..

..and some require a degree in engineering!

I order from a company out of Georgia that carries an amazing amount of the sweetest, small scale, really cool fairy garden items.  Tools about 2" long..

...planters and a statue.  (because fairies have great taste.)

Even tiny bell jars.

And a teeny red bike!

Probably my favorite~the gazebo with a chandelier complete with candles.
(I need a spare grandchild...anyone??)

And this is the fairy garden for over achievers.

Is anyone looking for things like this?  Should I be ordering these??

Have a good one!


Amber said...

Those are cute but not for this household! 3.5 year olds x2... 'nuf said. :)

good goods & co said...

Truly, Amber!! I'd be surprised if you even had the TIME for something like this!!

Tricia said...

Sigh. . .