Thursday, May 17, 2012

New! At good goods

Our "Not Your Typical Tea" was this past Saturday and for once, I remembered to take a few pictures of the "set up".

Tea sandwiches, lemon bars, eclairs, etc plus tea and "tea".

Our first guests dug right in and then--all hell broke loose and the store was packed.  What a hoot it was.  I tell you, these gals were at their best that day.  Annie & her mom, Linda, entertained everyone for awhile and made me cry- I was laughing that hard.  Women never cease to amaze and uplift me!!

Here is a short tour around the shop as we have so much new and different in now.  Of course, my straggler orders are now showing up...I have issues with getting everything ordered to show up at the correct time. (hey, I'm new at this)

Now angel vine isn't new to good goods but some containers to put it in are.(hmmm, think Ms. Cowden from 11th grade English would be cringing after that sentence...)

Cubbies!!  Always a favorite here. 7' X 4' and 96 cubs.

Attention getting yardstick products just arrived today.  These are priced right.

Three sizes of planters!

Canvas art w/ bees and butterflies.

Our sunshine corner is filling up nicely.

I just loved the yardstick birdhouse.

Embroidered pillows with motifs to fit this season.  It's here folks!  As soon as our banners show up:

The rest of the patriotic/July 4th will be brought out from the back room.  Where does the time go?!

Love to all of you,


Cindy Lou said...

The store looks fabulous Cheri! I still want to bring Ruie in! When she gets back from Seattle. I love the white cage-ie container the angel vines are in! Any other sizes? See you soon!

Amber said...

Love the birdhouse!! Everything looks fantastic, Cheri!

Anonymous said...

Your store is the most fabulous store in Boise...and the surrounding area! Your inventory is sooo cool!

good goods & co said...

Gees, thanks you all!

Cindy-that is the only size that it comes in--about 40"!!