Wednesday, May 23, 2012

National Small Business Week-May 20-26

As a very small business owner, I appreciate the attention Washington shines on the little guy this week.  I really do.  Unfortunately...I just became aware of this "celebration" today, halfway through the week!  Hmmm. I must have missed all that advertising...........

Gene Marks wrote a great column on the Huffington Post today, however, that celebrates big businesses' roll in American economics.  We often demonize those behemoths unfairly.  Marks states that one-half of American employees work for large corporations.  What does this means to small business?  The big guys provide the wages that buy from little businesses. 

 Don't ever take this as my approval for not buying local any chance you can!

And that takes care of that!!

Hope to see you during "our" week!

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Amber said...

I LOVE that saying! I printed it and put it in a frame and set it on a display table at my last show (I will do it again next weekend). The response was awesome!