Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Roses and Rust Vintage Market

What a fantastic show.
I'm almost speechless.  Almost.
A great crowd, wonderful *junk* and friendly, helpful vendors!
 (thanks Art, Merry and everyone else that helped me with everything from backing in the Uhaul to loading it  up at the end of the show)
Next time....I have to take better pictures but this is what we've got for now.
 Gatherings was right at the front door.

 So was Lipstick Gypsy.
 I wish I knew the name of every vendor pictured.
Feel free to comment, if you know what I don't!
 My next door neighbors from Parma.
They do a show up there in the fall called "Hoot & Holler".  Keep an eye out for that one.
 Ohmygosh, the trailers.  Guess what is now on my Christmas list.....

And good goods!
 My daughter, Lauren, was a huge help and so much fun to work with.


 Next show will be near the end of September.
Really, you don't want to miss it.
  It will be moving North one room to a larger space and I heard there will be a preview the Friday evening before the Saturday show.
Thanks Zizi and Bonnie.  Boise has been waiting for you!!!!


Sheri Sarton said...

Cheri, thanks for taking such good photos! I was too overwhelmed to get a good look or any pics! Fun time!
Sheri' Sarton
Jubilee Junk

Zizi Ukestad said...

Cheri the vendor you are inquiring about is At the Farmhouse by Tiffany Bachman