Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let's see now...

Since there is a very special holiday coming up next weekend, we figured we better get some new things in....some have shown up, and as always, others haven't. So I am listening for the sound of the UPS or FedEx trucks pulling up to the back door every day...don't ya love the suspense???

Flat wallets. This is only a few of the styles.
Cute numbered pots.

I loved this old oil painting.

But here is the exciting news!!!!

Looks like we'll have baby ducks again this year! She (Martha II?) has been hanging around and begging for cat food (yes, I feed the scraggliest alley cat...). Do ducks really beg? Well, she shows up when I open the back door, walking sort of pigeon toed and looking...expectant? I fed-tried to feed-the two Mamas we had last year some wonderful seed "specially formulated" for wild ducks and they turned their little bills up at it. So, I checked on line and found out the cat food secret.

Then she gets her drink,

and off she heads. Ta ta!!
Take care and hope to see you at our "Sip & Shop" next Saturday, the 9th!!

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